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Small Block Chevy Header Bolts, Set of 12
Model: 3123206
Condition: NEW
3/8-16 in. Natural Steel You can try to install your headers with ordinary hardware, but it's not advisable. If it isn't impossible, it will be very difficult. However, our header bolts neatly solve the problem. They're…
$18.99 st
Spectre Performance 4641, Spectre Performance Header Reducers, 3 Bolt Flanged, 3 Inch To 2-1/2 Inch
Model: 3308232
Condition: NEW
Spectre performance header reducers adapt your headers to your exhaust system. They include extra thick compressed ceramic fiber gaskets that will not deteriorate or crack from excessive heat or pressure. …
$44.99 ea
Exhaust Manifold Nut
Model: 3101314
Condition: NEW
Thread Size: 3/8-16; Hex Size; 9/16"; Height: 5/8"; Material: Brass …
$2.99 ea
Ultra-Seal Header Collector Gaskets, 3" 3-Hole
Model: 3116724
Condition: NEW
Ultra-Seal collector gaskets feature a steel core for strength, and a graphite-impregnated material that resists heat and pressure much better than ordinary gasket material, and conforms to the flange for a superior seal. The graphite…
$30.99 pr
Flowmaster 40 Series Muffler 42543
Model: 3955868
Condition: NEW
Muffler, American Thunder 40 Series, 2 1/2 in. Inlet/2 1/2 in. Outlet, Steel, Black, Each Brand:Flowmaster Part Type:Mufflers Product Line:Flowmaster 40 Series Mufflers Muffler Material:Steel Case Shape:Oval Inlet…
$137.99 ea
Spectre Performance Header Bolts 46723
Model: 3917903
Condition: NEW
Header Fasteners, Bolts, Hex Head, Steel, Gold Iridated, Chevy, Universal, Set of 12 Brand:Spectre Performance Part Type:Header Fasteners Product Line:Spectre Performance Header Bolts Fastener Style:Bolt Thread…
$16.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Heat Riser To Exhaust Manifold Gasket, 2-1 & 2, 1958-1972
Model: 3050505
Condition: NEW
Replacement Gasket Metal O-Ring Seal …
$3.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Exhaust Manifold Stud & Nut Kit, Stainless Steel, 1958-1972
Model: 3050525
Condition: NEW
Replacement Kit Includes 3 Long & 3 Short Studs Includes 6 Stainless Nuts 2-1/2 & 3-1/2 Stud Length This Chevrolet replacement exhaust manifold stud and nut kit has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and…
$26.99 kt
Full Size Chevy Exhaust Manifold To Exhaust Pipe Packing, 2-1 & 2, 1958-1972
Model: 3050522
Condition: NEW
Replacement Pipe Packing Seals Exhaust Pipe To Manifold 2 Required Per Car …
$3.99 ea
Chevy Valve, Exhaust Heat Riser, 2 1/2, 1958-1974
Model: 3050508
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Installs On Passenger Side Exhaust Manifold …
$92.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Exhaust Heat Riser Delete, 2, Small Block, 1958-1974
Model: 3050506
Condition: NEW
Replacement Exhaust Heat Riser Delete Allows Unrestricted Air Flow Used In Place Of Factory Heat Riser On Right Hand Exhaust Manifold …
$54.99 ea
Chevy Exhaust Manifold Packing, 2, 1955-1957
Model: 3002578
Condition: NEW
Stock Replacement Seals Exhaust Pipe To Manifold Or Heat Riser On 57-72 V8 Cars Seals Exhaust Pipe To Manifold On All 6-cylinder Cars …
$5.99 ea
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