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Classic Headquarters Clutch Bar Seat and Clip Set W-686A
Model: 2035245
Condition: NEW
Used with all GM or reproduction clutch bellcranks. Three nylon pivot ball seats (only two required) and spring steel retainer clip. For small or big block bellcranks. GM Part #: Seat 3743349, Clip 3750696…
$8.99 ea
Chevrolet Flexplate Dust Cover, Automatic Transmission, 700R4
Model: 3089641
Condition: NEW
Chrome inspection cover for GM 700R4 automatic transmissions.  2 3/8" - 2 7/8" starter slot.  Because different versions of the 700R4 transmission exist with different bolt spacings we recommend measuring your existing cover…
$101.99 ea
Mr. Gasket Flywheel Bolt Set 912
Model: 2033177
Condition: NEW
Engineered and manufactured for reliability, these alloy steel flywheel bolts are heat treated to grade 8 specifications for extra strength. Kits are complete with lock washers, where needed, and are black plated to help resist rust and…
$18.09 ea
ACDelco Speedometer Gear, 19 Tooth White
Model: 3429019
Condition: NEW
Speedometer Gear, Driven 19-Tooth, Plastic, White, GM, Muncie, Powerglide, Saginaw, TH350, Each Brand:ACDelco Part Type:Speedometer Gears Product Line:ACDelco Speedometer Gears Speedometer Gear Type:Driven Speedometer…
$11.99 ea
Corvette - Wheel Bearing Grease, Timken
Model: 3126180
Condition: NEW
Premium Hi-Temp Red Grease Superior Protection For Both Disc And Drum Applications Formulated With Corrosion Inhibitors, Anti-Wear And Water Resistant Additives 16 oz Tub Our Timken brand premium wheel bearing grease is a…
$10.99 ea
Classic Headquarters White 4 Speed Ball 3/8" W-183A
Model: 2034009
Condition: NEW
High quality material and construction. Unlike similiarly priced knock-offs, ours is manufactured with an imbedded threaded metal insert nut to eliminate quickly stripped threads. Fits any 3/8"-18 coarse (Hurst) style shifter handle.…
$26.99 ea
Hurst Equipped Emblem 1361000
Model: 2033677
Condition: NEW
Based on original Hurst blueprints, this HURST EQUIPPED emblem is an authentic reproduction of the one used on the late 60's muscle cars equipped with a factory Hurst shifter. Made of durable ABS plastic with 3M adhesive tape for mounting…
$32.99 ea
Hurst Back-Up Light Switch 2480003
Model: 2031844
Condition: NEW
This switch is designed to be used in conjunction with the OEM back-up lights and the Competition Plus 4-speed, Super Shifter 3 and the Master Shift 3-speed shifters. Features: Complete With Hardware Easy Installation Sold…
$59.99 ea
Hurst Gear Shift Lever Stick 5387236
Model: 3313814
Condition: NEW
Hurst bolt-on shifter sticks are ideal for use in custom applications where a particular height or offset is required. These shifter sticks are constructed from high strength steel and are stamped with the Hurst name and has 3/8 - 16…
$167.99 ea
Flywheel Dust Cover, with 10 1/2" Bellhousing and Muncie Transmission, 1958-1979
Model: 3089574
Condition: NEW
Correct cover plate which is located on the back of the engine block and is used to cover the flywheel. Applications: 1962-67 V8 283ci 1962-69 6 cyl. exc. P.G. 1962-69 V8 327ci exc. P.G. 1967-69 V8302ci 1968-69 V8 307ci exc…
United Pacific Brake & Clutch Pedal Bumper For 1955-57 Car C555709
Model: 3007201
Condition: NEW
Product Overview High quality durable rubber.…
$3.99 ea
Chevy Rear Axle Bearing, 1955-1956
Model: 3007263
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Replacement Rearend Axle Bearing Includes O-Ring & Seal 1.379 I.D. 2.835 O.D. ..therear end axle bearing in your 1955, 1956 or 1957 Chevy is beginning to make the dreaded whine while you are going down the road. Rear end…
$42.99 ea
General Motors Grommet, Cross Shaft Linkage, 1969-1986
Model: 3313901
Condition: NEW
Fits the Following: TH-350 (TH350) THM-350 (THM350)  TH-400 (TH400) THM-400 (THM400)  TH-350C (TH350C) THM-350C (THM350C) Original GM Product, Part #1377083 …
$4.99 pr
Hurst Pit Pack Shifter Bushing 3327302
Model: 2031845
Condition: NEW
Available in either steel or nylon. These pit packs can be used on the Master Shift 3-speed, Competition Plus 4-speed and the V-Gate 2. Kit includes 7 steel bushings and spring clips. Features: Calms Vibrations Easy…
$21.99 ea
Mr. Gasket Flex Plate to Crankshaft Bolts 6710
Model: 3070174
Condition: NEW
MRG flex plate to crankshaft bolts are forged from high quality steel and heat-treated for extra strength, these grade 8 fasteners are a must for all hi-performance applications. Black plated finish helps resist rust and corrosion. Kits…
$23.99 ea $21.37
Full Size Chevy Driveshaft Support Bearing, 1958-1964
Model: 3055372
Condition: NEW
Replacement Support Bearing …
$28.99 ea
Chevy Clutch Cross Shaft Felt Washers, 1955-1957
Model: 3007167
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original Helps To Retain Grease In The Clutch Cross Shaft Or Smooth Operation …
$3.99 pr
Chevy Rear Transmission Crossmember, GM Style, 1955-1957
Model: 3007077
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Replacement Crossmember To Be Used With Our Transmission Conversion Brackets P/N 3007078 May Be Used To Mount Any Automatic Or Manual Transmission With Tailshaft Or Rear Case Mount Provisions Fits All…
$66.99 ea
Full Size Chevy 3-Speed Automatic Transmission Column Mount Shift Indicator, 1958-1972
Model: 3055399
Condition: NEW
Replacement Indicator Used With Steering Columns That Do Not Have The Provision To Connect To The Factory Shift Indicator Or Instrument Cluster Without Shift Indicators Use With 3-Speed Turbo Hydromatics Mounts To Steering Column Mast…
$39.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Rear Wheel Axle Bearing, 1958-1964
Model: 3055325
Condition: NEW
Axle bearings are pressed into the axle housing. Also called the wheel bearing, this part reduces strain and increases the function of the axles. When they go bad, you may hear a grinding or whining noise while driving, and occasionally…
$60.99 ea $52.06
Full Size Chevy Clutch Cross Shaft Frame Stud, 1958-1964
Model: 3055315
Condition: NEW
Replacement Stud …
$12.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Clutch Fork Pushrod Spring, Lower, 1958-1964
Model: 3055274
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original 3 Connects To Lower Cross-Shaft Arm & Clutch Fork …
$5.99 ea
Chevy Mount, Transmission, 1952-1954
Model: 3020878
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original…
$32.99 ea
Hurst Super Shifter 3 Boot & Plate Shifter Boot 1140010
Model: 3279923
Condition: NEW
Specially designed for use with Super Shifter 3 utilizing separate reverse lock out lever. Complete with chrome trim plate and mounting hardware. Features: For Super Shifter 3 Chrome Trim Plate Mounting Hardware For Use…
$90.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Rear End & Differential Fill Plug, With Gasket, 1958-1964
Model: 3055339
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Includes Correct Square-Head Plug With Leather Seal …
$23.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Clutch Cross Shaft Stud, 1958-1964
Model: 3055312
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Bellcrank Stud Heat Treated & Black Oil Finish As Original For Long Service Life Includes Integral Rubber Seal 2.42 Overall Length 1.8 Length Above Mounting Surface 0. Other block side bellcrank studs for the…
$15.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Upper Clutch Rod Adjustment Swivel Kit, 1962-1964
Model: 3055311
Condition: NEW
Replacement Kit…
$20.99 kt $13.19
Full Size Chevy Clutch Fork Boot, All Expect 1963 Impala SS with 409ci, 1963-1975
Model: 3055276
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original All Passenger Cars Except 1963 Impala SS With 409ci Approximately 2.5 x 3.25 …
$7.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Transmission Oil Dipstick & Tube, TH350 Automatic, Chrome, 1958-1972
Model: 3055233
Condition: NEW
Replacement Oil Dipstick & Tube Chrome Finish …
$36.99 kt
Full Size Chevy Vacuum Modulator, Cast Iron Transmission, 1958-1962
Model: 3055190
Condition: NEW
Replacement Modulator Screw In Type …
$193.99 ea $154.98
Chevy Pinion Seal, Front, 1955-1957
Model: 3007240
Condition: NEW
Replacement Seal Also Known As The Companion Flange Seal Seals Rear Driveshaft Yoke/Flange To Third Member Housing …
$22.99 ea
Classic Headquarters Bushing Set, Brake/Clutch Pedal Shaft (4) W-083
Model: 4019019
Condition: NEW
Set of four reproduction pedal shaft bushings. Used with all automatic and manual pedals. Group 0.831 and 4.626 GM Part #: 3798256, 3965692, 1247439, 140048221…
$6.99 ea
Chevy 3-speed Synchro Ring, 1949-1954
Model: 3133215
Condition: NEW
  High Quality Replacement Part Brass As Original Replace The Rings Instead of Replacing The Expensive Synchro Drum For 3 Speed Transmissions Sold As Each, 2 Required We are now offering an item that has been unavailable…
$46.99 ea
Backup Switch Mounting Set for Muncie 4-Speed, 1963-1968
Model: 3089572
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original back-up lamp switch mounting set for use on models equipped with a Muncie 4 speed transmission. Set includes Screws, nuts, pins and washers Switch shield Switch bracket Switch rod …
ididit Indicator Acrylic with Pointer 4 Speed 2600050010
Model: 3006800
Condition: NEW
These shift indicators are tailored with style that will keep you from guessing. Whether you crave the 3 speed, 4 speed, Ford AOD, or ADODE, ididit's shift indicators are perfect for your column. They have adhesive tape that clings to your…
$47.99 ea
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