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Chevy Front Lowering Coil Springs, 2, 1955-1957
Model: 3007006
Condition: NEW
Replacement Coil Springs Lowers Front End Approximately 2 Without Sacrificing Ride Quality Black Powder Coated Finish 15 Overall Length 5 Overall Diameter …
$130.99 pr
Full Size Chevy Front Coil Springs, Heavy-Duty, 1958-1964
Model: 3103336
Condition: NEW
​Best Quality Replacement Coil Springs Heavy Duty Progressive Rate Spring Wire Diameter = .687" Outside Diameter = 5.187" Overall Decompressed Length = 16.937" Helps Maintain Proper Ride Height Helps Maintain…
$144.99 pr
Chevy Rear Spring Pocket Kit, 1955-1957
Model: 3007020
Condition: NEW
Moves Rear Leaf Springs Inside Frame Rails Allows Use Of Wider Rear Wheels & Tires Works On All Body Styles Requires Modification Or Removal Of Spare Tire Well…
$330.99 kt
Chevy 5-Leaf Rear Spring, Offset, 1955-1957
Model: 3007042
Condition: NEW
Replacement Spring Leaf Spring Center Bolt Is Offset 3/4 To The Rear To Allow For Additional Tire Clearance Centers Rear End Front-To-Rear To Give Car Longer Look Stock Height Requires Two Per Car …
$168.99 ea
Chevy Shackle Bushing, Rear, Upper, 1956-1957
Model: 3007014
Condition: NEW
1.8" Tall You will find the fit, finish and function will work superbly for your restoration. …
$12.99 ea
Chevy Rear End U-Bolt, 1955-1957
Model: 3007013
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Tri-Five Rear End U Bolt Measures 6-1/8 From Inside U To End Of Threads Fits Up To 3? Axle Tubes Includes Correct Style Tall Nuts For Use On All Tri-5 Models Including Wagons Will Work With 4, 5 and 6 Leaf…
$8.99 ea
Chevy Rear Leaf Spring, 5-Leaf, 2 Lowering, For All Except Wagons, 1955-1957
Model: 3007039
Condition: NEW
Best Quality New Lowering Leaf Spring... Couple this spring with a pair of our front lowering springs and you have a combination that will lower your Tri-5 the right way which keeps your suspension and steering travel just right. …
$174.99 ea
Chevy Leaf Spring Liner Set, 6-Leaf, 1955-1957
Model: 3007037
Condition: NEW
Replacement Set …
$61.99 st
Moog Chassis SB245, Leaf Spring Bushing, OE Replacement
Model: 3007016
Condition: NEW
MOOG® Problem Solver® products incorporate proven design and engineering features for like new steering, ease of installation and longer life. MOOG is the preferred steering and suspension parts brand of professional technicians and…
$25.99 ea
Chevy Shackle Bushing, Rear, Upper & Lower, 1955, Lower, 1956-1957
Model: 3007012
Condition: NEW
1.5" Tall You will find the fit, finish and function will work superbly for your restoration. …
$7.99 ea
Coilover Mounting Kit, 1.63 Inch Body
Model: 3942505
Condition: NEW
Fits 1.63" bodies Used with 2 1/2" springs For coil over shocks with 1.63" O.D. body. Use with 2-1/2" I.D. springs. Overall length of threaded sleeve is 4" Length of threaded area is 3-3/8" O.D. is nearly 2" I.D. is…
$93.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Rear Coil Springs, Heavy-Duty, Passenger Cars, 1958-1964
Model: 3089555
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Replacement Chevy Rear Coil Springs Heavy Duty Progressive Rate Spring Allows More Cargo Without The "Squat" Helps Maintain Proper Ride Height Helps Maintain Proper Alignment Eliminates Unnecessary Wear On…
$162.99 pr
Chevy Rear 5-Leaf Spring, Stock Height, 1955-1957
Model: 3007038
Condition: NEW
With the spring length of 55 inches and rate of 132 pounds per inch, this new heavy duty rear 5-leaf spring is painted industrial black and includes pre-installed front eye bushings. Remember that two are required per car. NOTE: 100%…
$130.99 ea
Chevy Bushing Kit, Rear Leaf Spring Shackles, 1949-1954
Model: 3020830
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Rear Shackle Bushing Kit Includes All Eight Upper And Lower Rear Shackle Bushings High Durometer Rubber As Original Completes Both Sides 1 Outside Diameter Bushing 1-1/8 Overall Length 7/8 Inner Hole Diameter Rear…
$29.99 kt
Full Size Chevy Coil Spring Spacer, Front, 1958-1972
Model: 3055137
Condition: NEW
3/8 Spacer Used To Lift Car Up 3/4 To 1. Fits Between Lower Spring Pocket & Coil Spring Can Also Be Used In Rear Coil Spring Pocket …
$19.99 ea
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