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Redline Restomotive® Window Crank & Lock Knob Retaining Clip
Model: 1003114
Condition: NEW
When restoring of maintain a classic General Motors vehicle, special consideration should be given to even the smallest detail. This window crank and lock knob retaining clip is a quality reproduction item.  Reproduction of…
Redline Restomotive® Door Panel Mounting Door Frame Plug Set
Model: 2032612
Condition: NEW
For passionate owners of General Motors’ favourite pony car, the restoration or maintenance of a first or second generation Chevrolet Camaro must be undertaken by ensuring every piece is original or is a faithful reproduction. Ideal for…
Window Crank Handle Washer Plate
Model: 3100811
Condition: NEW
With many classic General Motors products, manual window cranks have provided a cheap but effective way of rising and lowering a door’s window glass. This washer plate for a window crank handle is compatible for use in rebuilding the…
Door And Window Handle Washer, Interior, 1949-1987
Model: 3020330
Condition: NEW
When restoring or repairing a classic General Motors product, you will realize the importance in every seemingly minor part. Designed to fit between the inner door panel and interior handles, this door and window handle washer provides the…
GM Door Panel Trim Retainer, 9883583
Model: 3102055
Condition: NEW
This white coloured nylon retainer is ideal for use in the restoration of an interior or for replacing a loose door panel on a wide variety of General Motors vehicles. Door panel trim retainer 1949 White nylon Top head diameter…
Universal Snap On Double Lip Style Windlace (Sold By The Foot)
Model: 3313721
This replacement-style snap on double lip style flexible windlace is often used to seal interior door jamb edges to sill plates and much more. Featuring authentic vinyl grain texture, positive gripping power and rapid application, this…
GM Door Panel Trim Retainer, 363137
Model: 3102077
Condition: NEW
Trim Panel Retainer White Nylon Top Head Diameter: 5/8" Bottom Head Diameter: 3/4" Stem Diameter: 5/16" Stem Length: 1" …
Front Armrest Bases, Chrome, 1962-1967
Model: 3053794
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original Chrome Plated Plastic Sold In Pairs Fit 11" Armrest Pads …
Door Handle, Inside, Left, 1968-1974
Model: 3027649
Condition: NEW
Restoration Correct Door Handle Triple Chrome Plated Quick Installation Will Make Your Interior Shine Again Left (Driver's Side) …
Door Handle, Inside, Right, 1968-1974
Model: 3027650
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
F-Body Armrest Base, Right Front, Black, 1968-1972
Model: 3097724
Condition: NEW
An armrest offers the possibility of comfortably positioning your hand when driving on a motorway or standing in traffic. Armrests are important to ensuring your comfort and the comfort of your passengers when taking your vehicle out for a…
Classic Headquarters Door Hinge Pin-Bushing Repair Kit W-314
Model: 3218138
Condition: NEW
Rebuilds all four door hinges (steel hinges only) . Includes all bronze bushings and hardened high grade steel hinge pins. 14 pieces.…
Camaro Door Handle, Inside, Standard Interior, Left Or Right, 1967
Model: 2032260
Condition: NEW
Most original handles become pitted and discolored due to inconsistencies in the original die-cast/chroming process. This reproduction standard inner door handle has the correct spline depth to insure it will function properly with your…
Handle, Inside, Left Or Right, 1965-1967
Model: 3027648
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
United Pacific Chrome Door Sill Plate For 1967-72 Chevy & GMC Truck C677201
Model: 3036769
Condition: NEW
Product Overview Triple chrome plated finish. …
United Pacific Inside Window Crank Handle For 1947-66 Chevy & GMC Truck C476602
Model: 3036558
Condition: NEW
Product Overview Beautiful chrome plated finish with triple chrome plating process. Feature OE spec spline mounting hole with set screw to help keep handle stay in place without any exposed mounting screw. Durable black plastic knob…
Full Size Chevy Door Panel Retainers, 1961-1964
Model: 3053912
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original Set Of 20 Completes Both Doors These Chevrolet reproduction door panel retainers have been manufactured to original factory specifications using today's modern manufacturing techniques. You will find the fit…
Camaro Interior Door Panel Fastener
Model: 3100793
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
Classic Headquarters Door Panel Clip Frame Plugs (12) W-311
Model: 4019150
Condition: NEW
Door panel retaining clip plug set (12 clips) Mounts both front door panels. GM Group #: 14.683 GM Part #: 4853962…
Corvette Window Crank, 1965-1967
Model: 1003530
Condition: NEW
Chevelle Armrest Plates, Chrome, 1968
Model: 3097673
Condition: NEW
Made to original specifications High quality chrome material These armrest plates are specially made for your 1968 Chevelle, making sure that your vehicle's interior is in great condition. …
Chevy Door & Window Handle Trim Spring, 1955-1957
Model: 3005612
Condition: NEW
High Quality Reproduction Fits Behind Door Or Window Handle Keeps Door Panel From Getting Cut While Rolling Window Up Or Down Putting a new interior in your Tri-Five? If you are, you will need these springs behind each window crank handle…
Key Parts '73-'87 Door, Outer Handle, Driver's Side 0850-351 L
Model: 4021315
Condition: NEW
0850-351 L This outer door handle, driver's side fits:1973-1987 Chevrolet Pickup1973-1987 GMC Pickup1973-1991 Chevrolet Blazer, Suburban and GMC JimmyMeasurement 9x4x2Weight 1lb…
$53.99 ea $50.32
8-18 X 3/4'' Phillips Oval Countersunk Washer Sems Teks - Chrome
Model: 3308527
Condition: NEW
Useful for various purposes with automotive restoration including the installation of door components, this 8-18 X 3/4-inch Phillips Oval countersunk washer screw is ideal for where tapping screws are needed. Phillips oval head Sems…
Key Parts '55-'66 Door Panel Screw Kit 0847-152
Model: 3034079
Condition: NEW
0847-152 This C10 door panel screw kit fits:1955-1966 Chevrolet Pickup Truck1955-1966 GMC Pickup TruckMeasurement 3x2x1Weight 1lb…
United Pacific Window Crank With Ivory Knob For 1949-64 Chevy Passenger Car C496403
Model: 3020418
Condition: NEW
Product Overview Beautiful chrome plated finish with triple chrome plating process. Feature OE spec spline mounting hole with removable inner metal retaining clip to help keep handle stay in place without any exposed mounting screw…
$18.99 ea $16.25
HushMat Door Kit - Silver Foil with Self-Adhesive Butyl-10 Sheets 12" x 12" ea 10 sq ft 10201
Model: 2034941
Condition: NEW
HushMat Sound Deadening Door Kit includes ten 12 in. x 12 in. sheets of Ultra Silver Foil 10 Sq Ft Block road noise, Hear a solid door slam, Great for treating two door standard doors. HushMat makes your door slam solid and insulates…
$160.99 ea $145.11
Chevy Door Sill Plate Screws, Chrome, 1955-1957
Model: 3005847
Condition: NEW
Replacement Screws Set Of 10 …
United Pacific Dice Door Lock - Black Knobs (2Pc/Set) 70042
Model: 3020351
Condition: NEW
Made of high-impact plastic material.Black with white dots color design.Inside threaded 10-32 for easy twist on installation.…
$10.99 st $9.74
United Pacific Dice Door Lock - Red Knobs (2Pc/Set) 70040
Model: 3078366
Condition: NEW
Made of high-impact plastic material.Red with white dots color design.Inside threaded 10-32 for easy twist on installation.…
$10.99 st $9.74
Full Size Chevy Door & Window Handle Trim Spring, 1958-1969
Model: 3054044
Condition: NEW
Replacement Spring Used With Each Door Handle, Window Crank & Vent Crank …
Chevy Door Handles, Interior, 1949-1954
Model: 3020331
Condition: NEW
Typically pitted or worn from years of use, your 1949-1954 Chevy inside door handles tends to fade and wear to a less then showroom fresh appearance. Reusing an old unit may bring your Early Chevy interior restoration to appear…
Chevy Interior Door Lock Knobs, Rubber, 1955-1957
Model: 3235539
Best Quality Reproduction Door Lock Knobs Restoration Correct Synthetic Rubber As Original Available In Most Factory Colors Lock knobs on the door of your 1955, 1956 or 1957 Chevrolet are probably in need of replacing. The sun hammers…
Chevy Interior Post Cardboards, 2-Door Sedan & Wagon, 1955-1957
Model: 3005742
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original Covers Area Below Headliner Between Rear Quarter Molding & Door …
Chevy Front Armrests, 150 & 210, Black, 1955-1956
Model: 3005582
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original Fits All 150 & 210 2-Door Front Fits All 150 & 210 4-Door Front & Rear Includes Mounting Screws & Instructions …
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