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Model: 3123713
If you’re looking for maximum protection, the RIMSAVERS are our best product. Thinner and more durable than our original product, RIMSAVERS have a guide “lip” on the top side of the blade that offers extra protection AND easier…
from $107.99 st
RimBlades Original
Model: 3118166
RimBlades is our original wheel protection product, offering protection from minor curb scratches while maximizing the style of your rims. Priced as our mid-level line, RimBlades come in a variety of colors and are easily applied without…
from $73.99 st
RimBlades Trims4Rims
Model: 3118176
RimBlades Trims4Rims is a lightweight, economical wheel accessory that adds serious style to your wheels. They are easily installed on most wheels. They are thin walled with a strong adhesive backing tape. They are the perfect addition to…
from $48.99 st
RimBlades Scuffs
Model: 3118155
RimbBlades Scuffs is our top-of-the line wheel protection product, offering the most protection without sacrificing any style. Scuffs offer a thicker diameter of protection, and like all the RimBlades lines, are easily installed in minutes…
from $85.99 st
Lug Nut, Chrome 12MM X 1.5
Model: 3116590
Condition: NEW
$4.99 ea
American Racing Wheel Center Cap Fasteners 970076
Model: 3869799
Condition: NEW
Screws, Wheel Center Cap Fasteners, Allen Head, Stainless Steel, Natural, Kit Brand:American Racing Part Type:Wheel Center Cap Fasteners Product Line:American Racing Wheel Center Cap Fasteners Wheel Center Cap Fastener…
$10.99 ea
Spare Tire Hold Down Rod, 1966-1981
Model: 3443700
Condition: NEW
Reproduction hold down bar used with all 1967-81 Camaro models. Depending on the application, you may need to trim the hold down rod to the desired size. Includes extra threading for this purpose. Note: Can be used for spare tire hold…
Chevy American Racing Torq Thrust II Wheel Set, Polished Aluminum, 15X7 & 15X8
Model: 3125204
Condition: NEW
  Classic 5-Spoke Design One-Piece Polished Aluminum Alloy Fits With No Body Mods Required Includes Triple Chrome Plated Center Cap Includes (20) 7/16-20 Chrome Lug Nuts 15X7, 5X4.75 Bolt Pattern, 3.76in Back Space…
$975.99 st
Chevy Impala, Wheel Bearing Dust Caps, Front, Correct Style, 1961-1968
Model: 3055826
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Bearing Dust Caps For Bel Air, Biscayne or Impala Stamped Steel Bright Zinc Plating Exact Duplicate Of Button Style Dust Caps Correct For Judged Competition Late Great Chevy brings you the best parts for your Bel…
$17.99 pr
Full Size Chevy Spare Tire J Hook With Wing Nut, 1960-1976
Model: 3054346
Condition: NEW
Replacement Spare Tire Hardware This Chevrolet replacement spare tire J hook with wing nut has been manufactured to meet or exceed factory specifications and performance. You will find the fit and function will work perfectly for your…
$24.99 st
Chevy Wheel Bearing Kit, Front Tapered Roller, 1949-1954
Model: 3021069
Condition: NEW
Upgrade To Superior Tapered Roller Bearings Includes Inner And Outer Bearings, Races And Seals Fits Stock Hubs Completes Both Sides …
$145.99 kt
GM Factory Style Stamped Steel Wheel, Gray, 15x8
Model: 3310785
Condition: NEW
15X8 OE Steel Wheel with 4.25 inch backspacing. …
$193.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Rally Wheel, 15 x 8, 1958-1972
Model: 3055769
Condition: NEW
Features Original Argent Silver Finish 5 x 4-3/4 Bolt Circle 4 Backspacing Roll your retro Impala, Biscayne or other full size Chevy all the way back to it's original look with a set of these argent silver rally wheels from Late Great…
$141.99 ea
Chevy Spare Tire Wing Nut, 1955-1957
Model: 3007557
Condition: NEW
$6.99 ea
Chevy Spare Tire Well Plugs, 1955-1957
Model: 3007556
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original Fills Holes Approximately 1 …
$11.99 pr
Chevy Spare Tire Retaining Stud, 1955-1957
Model: 3006283
Condition: NEW
$13.99 ea
Chevy Wheel Stud Bolt, Front, 1949-1954
Model: 3021057
Condition: NEW
Best Quality Reproduction Wheel Stud 7/16-20 Right Hand Thread 1-3/8 Overall Length Five Required Per Wheel Wheel stud've come this far with your restoration. Don't forget one of the most important parts of your car...the wheel…
$5.99 ea $3.21
Chevy Wheel Lug Nut Set, 1949-1954
Model: 3021056
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original 5-Piece Set …
$13.99 st
Redline Restomotive® 17" Chrome Plated Stainless Steel Trim Ring, Set of Four
Model: 4018303
Condition: NEW
Chrome Plated Stainless Steel For 17" Standard Width Wheels Set of 4 …
$211.99 st
Full Size Chevy Front Outer Wheel Bearing & Race, 1961-1968
Model: 3055822
Condition: NEW
Replacement Bearing & Race Used On Front Disc Brake Rotor P/N 563218 & Tapered Bearing Hub Conversions P/N 563227 Stock Replacement For 1961-68 Hubs …
$24.99 ea
Chevy Spare Tire Wing Nut, 1955-1981
Model: 3055778
Condition: NEW
$9.99 ea
Chevy Rally Wheel Flat Cap Center Caps, With Disc Brakes, 1958-1972
Model: 3055756
Condition: NEW
Superior Quality Reproduction Fully Assembled Correct Chevrolet Motor Division Disc Brakes Script Correct Flat Black Inlay On Body Side Stainless Steel Base Included Original For 1968-1970 Impala & Caprice There is something about an…
$172.99 st
Full Size Chevy Torq-Thrust II Wheel, 15 x 7, American Racing
Model: 3055741
Condition: NEW
Classic 5-Spoke Design One-Piece Polished Aluminum Alloy Fits With No Body Mods Required Includes Triple Chrome Plated Center Cap 3-3/4 Backspacing …
$250.99 ea
Full Size Chevy Spare Lock Instructions Decal, 1965-1966
Model: 3050037
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
$7.99 ea
Chevy Grease Caps, Front Hub, 1949-1954
Model: 3021071
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original Completes Both Sides …
$46.99 pr
Chevy Wheel Seal, Front Grease, 1949-1954
Model: 3021070
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original Two Required Per Car …
$20.99 ea
Chevy Front Hub Dust Covers, 1955
Model: 3007601
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original…
$43.99 pr
Chevy Front Hub Dust Covers, 1956-1957
Model: 3007600
Condition: NEW
Reproductions Of Original 2.085 Diameter At Hub …
$46.99 pr
Chevy Spindle Nut, 1955-1957
Model: 3007595
Condition: NEW
Reproduction Of Original …
$3.99 ea
Chevy Wheel Stud Bolt, 1955-1957
Model: 3007573
Condition: NEW
Replacement Stud Bolt 7/16 Right Hand 1-1/2 Overall Length 1 Thread Length …
$2.99 ea $1.99
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