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OER® was established in the early 1980's to manufacture original equipment reproductions where every part is meticulously reproduced to exact factory specifications. All OER® parts are reverse engineered or manufactured using original blueprints when available to ensure the closest possible reproduction available on the market. When available, original factory tooling is utilized to insure complete originality. Our mission is to supply the highest quality parts available for the enthusiast and serious restorer. Whether you're a serious restorer, or just someone who wants a replacement part for your classic vehicle, OER® is the source for the finest quality parts on the market. Today, OER® is the most recognized brand in automotive restoration parts. Choose OER® for all your restoration needs.

Many OER® products are officially licensed by General Motors and the Chrysler Group ensuring the quality and authenticity of these products. The GM Restoration Parts logo and the MOPAR Authentic Restoration Product logo are the true signs of quality. OER® is licensed by GM and the Chrysler Group as an official restoration parts manufacturer.

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OER 1955-57 Chevrolet Lower Control Arm Rubber Bumper TF500039
Model: 3006892
Condition: NEW
Reproduction front lower control arm bumper for all 1955-57 Chevrolet car models. This bumber is manufactured in rubber with the correct threaded mounting stud as original. Includes the lock washer and nut. Sold individually, 2 required…
$14.99 ea $13.98
OER 69-90 Dome Lamp Lens 8780507
Model: 3444891
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original map / dome lamp lens used on various GM models. This lens is made from high quality injection molded material same as original. Each lens is manufactured using the correct white opaque material. (Not clear…
$22.99 ea $20.97
OER {year} {make} {model} Rivet Head Bolt with Nut, Set of 25, Silver *881235
Model: 3441478
Condition: NEW
1959-1968 All Makes All Models grill installation hardware designed to install grill assemblies on various models. These unique carriage bolts are designed with the original appearance of a rivet, but will work like a nut and bolt when…
OER 1961-64 Impala / Full Size (Except Wagon) V8 Fuel Gauge Sending Unit 3/8" Line Without Return Line 5641248
Model: 3052855
Condition: NEW
After years of use, your fuel sending unit can wear out or stop working entirely. When that happens, it can cause your fuel gauge not to work or even send incorrect readings to the fuel gauge. Ensure that you always know how much fuel…
$74.99 ea $62.74
OER 1973-91 Chevrolet, GMC Truck, Front Cab Floor Panel, with Half Toe Board Extension, RH T70183
Model: 3964416
Condition: NEW
1973-91 Chevrolet, GMC Truck; Front Cab Floor Panel; with Half Toe Board Extension; RH Reproduction of the original front cab floor pan with 1/2 toe board extension for use with all 1973-86 Chevrolet and GMC pickup models and 1987-91…
$45.99 ea $39.63
OER 1973-91 Chevrolet, GMC Truck, Front Floor Panel with Toe Board Extension, LH, EDP Coating T71018
Model: 3963107
Condition: NEW
1973-91 Chevrolet, GMC Truck; Front Floor Panel with Toe Board Extension; LH; EDP Coating Reproduction of the original front floor pan repair panel section for use with 1973-86 Chevrolet and GMC truck models. Manufactured in quality…
$60.99 ea $52.46
OER 1956-57 Chevrolet 4 Door Hardtop Clear Rear Door Glass TF41027A
Model: 3462670
Condition: NEW
Reproduction rear door glass for 1956-57 Chevrolet and Pontiac 4-door hardtop models. Manufactured to original equipment specifications to fit and install just like the original. Each rear door glass is professionally packed with extra…
$86.99 ea $76.63
OER 1966-67 Nova/Chevy II Tail Lamp Bezel To Body Gasket (Pair) 7587759
Model: 3449288
Condition: NEW
Manufactured with OEM equivalent materials, you can replace your originals and reseal your lamp assembly to prevent damage. Gaskets seal the area between the tail lamp bezel and the body. Sold as a pair. …
$29.99 pr $25.09
OER Zinc Plated Bumper Bolt With Stainless Steel Head - 7 /16"-14 X 1-1/4" Bolt With Hex Nut TF400727
Model: 3448503
Condition: NEW
Missing an individual bumper attachment bolt or need to replace a badly rusted or stripped bumper bolt on your classic vehicle? You can replace them individually with this bolt. Bolts will fit all 1958-66 Chevrolet models as well as a…
OER 1955-57 Chevrolet Turn Signal Bushing And Pads TF100391
Model: 3448466
Condition: NEW
Nylon bushings can wear out over time and rubber can get hard and then crack and deteriorate. Replacement of these simple turn signal bushings will help to avoid any future problems with your turn signal switch. Set includes one nylon…
OER H4 - 4 Headlamp System Wiring Upgrade Set MX01133
Model: 3289714
Condition: NEW
This OER® Authorized wiring harness set upgrades the stock headlamp wiring on your vehicle to provide your new bulbs with maximum power and decrease the chance of overloading the stock wiring and connectors. Power will be drawn…
$37.99 st $31.56
OER 1965-66 Impala / Full-Size 2 Door Sedan Door Frame Weatherstrip With Clips K428
Model: 3055560
Condition: NEW
Replacing the original leaky or cracked weatherstrip will create a weather-tight seal to keep the elements out when the door is closed. Keep the weather where it belongs- outside. Manufactured to exact specifications, these r…
$74.99 pr $66.45
OER 1969-2002 GM, Horn Pin, Spring and Bushing Set, for Turn Signal Cancel Cam 748740
Model: 4841389
Condition: NEW
1969-2002 GM; Horn Pin, Spring and Bushing Set; for Turn Signal Cancel Cam OE style pin, spring, and retainer for the turn signal cancel cam on 1969-76 models with or without tilt steering wheel. This set is designed to work with OER…
OER 1955-56 Chevy Bel Air, 150, 210, Front Bench Seat Track Adjusters, Pair TF422413
Model: 3961068
Condition: NEW
1955-56 Chevy Bel Air, 150, 210; Front Bench Seat Track Adjusters; Pair Reproduction of the original seat track adjusters designed for use on 1955-56 Chevrolet Bel Air, One-Fifty Series, and Two-Ten Series models. Manufactured to factory…
$306.99 pr $263.41
OER 1981-88 Chevrolet Truck "Silverado 30" Front Fender Emblem, Pair *157542
Model: 3959128
Condition: NEW
1981-88 Chevrolet Truck "Silverado 30" Front Fender Emblem; Pair OER reproduction of the "Silverado 30" emblem set that mounts to each front fender of a 1981-86 Chevrolet C30/K30 or 1987-88 R30/V30 pickup. This was a high end trim…
OER 1964 Impala SS Console Powerglide Shift Lens 748764
Model: 3958863
Condition: NEW
1964 Impala SS Console Powerglide Shift Lens Quality reproduction of the original console shift lens for use on 1964 Impala SS models with powerglide transmissions. Each lens is manufactured to factory specifications including the…
OER 1962-67 Chevy II/Nova Hood To Cowl Seal Weatherstrip K4058
Model: 3450949
Condition: NEW
High quality replacement of the original weatherstrip seal which attaches to the cowl panel, and seals the area between the hood and windshield. This piece is manufactured as close as possible to original, allowing for correct type…
OER 1962-65 Chevy II / Nova 2 Door Hardtop Back Glass Tinted NR720T
Model: 3450554
Condition: NEW
Reproduction back window glass for your Chevy II/ Nova. Replace scratched or damaged original with this OEM quality replacement. We offer both the standard style clear glass or the optional type factory tinted style glass. Each glass is…
$316.99 ea $285.40
OER 1962 Impala/Full-Size W/O AC - Copper/Brass Heater Core (9-1/2" X 6-3/8" X 2-1/2") 3153941
Model: 3448230
Condition: NEW
This correct replacement heater core installs on all 1962 Chevrolet full-size models without factory air conditioning. Mounts inside heater box assembly, as original. Core Specs: Brass Tank/Copper Core 9-1/2" x 6-3/8" x 2-1/2" 5/8"…
$237.99 ea $177.31
OER 1963-64 Chevy II / Nova Park Lamp Assembly RH 897287
Model: 3242791
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original park lamp assemblies for 1963-64 Chevy II/Nova models. Each park lamp includes the housing and lens. …
OER 1966-67 Chevy II / Nova "Super Sport" Quarter Panel Emblem 4227012
Model: 3086793
Condition: NEW
OER® reproduction quarter panel emblem for 1966-67 Chevy II/Nova Super Sport models. Each emblem features the correct chrome finish in proper script font for an authentic appearance. Sold individually, 2 required per vehicle. Officially…
$53.99 ea $44.35
OER 1963-64 Chevy II / Nova Park Lamp Assembly LH 897286
Model: 3085494
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original park lamp assemblies for 1963-64 Chevy II/Nova models. Each park lamp includes the housing and lens. …
OER 1966-67 Chevy II / Nova Park Light Lens K418
Model: 3085487
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the park lamp lens for 1966-67 Chevy II/Nova models. Molded in UV stable acrylic to guard against color fade, these excellent reproduction lenses also feature correct Guide markings as original. Sold in pairs. …
$35.99 pr $24.20
OER 1962 Chevy II / Nova Parking Light Lens Clear K416
Model: 3085479
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original park lamp lenses for use on 1962 Chevy II/Nova models. This reproduction features correct guide markings as original. Sold in pairs. …
$46.99 pr $38.35
OER 1981-91 Chevrolet/GMC, Door Glass Run Weatherstrip, LH PW1080
Model: 3959244
Condition: NEW
1981-91 Chevrolet/GMC; Door Glass Run Weatherstrip; LH Reproduction upper door glass run channel weatherstrip with felt for pickup, Blazer and Suburban models. Made from the OEM specs to install and fit for an authentic appearance. The…
$42.99 ea $36.10
OER 1965-67 Impala / Full Size Door Retainer Window Guide 4541699
Model: 3448838
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the inner door panel retainer/window guide used to support the inner door panels and also acts as a guide when rolling the window up or down. This stamped steel retainer features the original design and zinc plated for…
$25.99 ea $21.32
OER 1963 Impala Front Grill Assembly with Brackets and Housings - Pre-Assembled 3817606A
Model: 3443077
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original front grill assembly for use on Impala. Bel Air and Biscayne models. Each grill is manufactured in quality stamped aluminum to exact factory specifications. Includes correct mounting brackets and headlamp…
$851.99 st $812.95
OER 1966-67 Chevy II / Nova Lower Rear Quarter Patch Panel (8" H X 32" L), LH NV200L
Model: 3148346
Condition: NEW
Replaces the lower section of the rear quarter panel from the bottom portion behind the bumper area to the wheel opening. This patch panel will allow you to replace the commonly rusted area without replacing the entire quarter panel…
$91.99 ea $79.19
OER 1962-64 Chevy II / Nova 2 Door Coupe/Hardtop Roof Rail Weatherstrip - Pair K441
Model: 3123764
Condition: NEW
High quality reproduction weatherstrips to replace your deteriorated or leaking originals. These weatherstrips are sold in pairs and will replace the entire roof rail weatherstrip for coupe/hardtop Chevy II/Nova models. …
$96.99 pr $86.39
OER 1962-65 Chevy II / Nova Quarter Window Vertical Weatherstrip With Steel K446
Model: 3089291
Condition: NEW
This high quality reproduction of the original weatherstrip is manufactured with OEM type rubber which will seal the area between the two side windows. This item installs vertically on the side quarter window edge where when rolled up…
$25.99 pr $21.32
OER 1967 Nova SS Horn Cap Mounting Set K580
Model: 3046446
Condition: NEW
OER reproduction of the optional deluxe SS wheel components required to mount the 1967 Nova SS steering wheel. Can also be used for modifying a standard wheel to an SS wheel if desired. Horn button and contacts sold separately. …
$43.99 st $36.06
OER 1955-57 Chevrolet Door Sill Plates - 2 Door - Pair TF100262
Model: 3448456
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original door sill plate designed for use on 1955-57 Chevrolet models. Each molding is located on the inner lower door frame section and secures the carpet to the floor once installed. This sill plate is manufactured…
OER 1961-64 Impala / Full Size Wheelhouse Box Brace EDP Coated - RH B6845A
Model: 3050771
Condition: NEW
Reproduction of the original rear wheelhouse box brace that attaches at the rear of the wheelhouse section on 1961-64 models. Also known as the rear body to frame support, or the wheel well brace. This item is manufatured in heavy gauge…
OER 1961-64 Impala / Full Size Wheelhouse Box Brace EDP Coated - LH B6844A
Model: 3050601
Condition: NEW
For the repair or restoration of an early 1960s Chevrolet Impala to its classic showroom condition, it is important to find components that are true to the original parts in shape and size. This wheelhouse box brace designed to fit…
OER 1965-66 Impala Full Size Center Link 3893383
Model: 3054850
Condition: NEW
Reproduction drag link for 1965-66 Chevrolet Impala and full size models. Includes hardware. Ready to install. …
OER 1955-57 Chevrolet 2/4 Door Hardtop/Convertible/Nomad Vent Window Seals TF300114
Model: 3007485
Condition: NEW
Vent window rubber seals for 1955-57 Chevrolet two and four door hardtop, convertible and Nomad models. Set includes two "C" weatherstrip pieces and two vertical weatherstrip pieces which is designed to replace both RH and LH vent…
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