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Aluminum Deluxe Polishing Kit
Model: 3007619
Condition: NEW
Easy To Use Works Great On Aluminum Wheels!! This deluxe polishing kit is designed for steel, stainless, aluminum and plastic automotive components. Utilize your electric drill or pneumatic die grinder with the supplied 1/4 arbors for…
$69.99 kt
Paradise Road Wash & Wax 4oz Travel Size
Model: 3000873
Condition: NEW
Cleans & Shines Zero-Scratch Formula Extends Shine & Protection 4oz Bottle Perfect For On The Go Or Car Shows When it comes to washing your car, you might think just any old wash will do the trick. Well, were sorry to burst your soap…
$4.99 ea
Headlight Refinishing & Restoration Kit
Model: 3000867
Condition: NEW
Quickly Repair Faded, Hazy Headlights To Restore Night visibility Save Money Over Replacing Light Assemblies Quick & Easy To Use! Sun damaged plastic lenses reduce light output by up to 30%. This kit removes the haze. Works great with your…
$41.99 kt
Paradise Road Interior Cleaner
Model: 3000859
Condition: NEW
Cleans & UV Protects Interior Surface Safely Safe On Fabric, Vinyl, Leather, Carpet, Plastic Or Anything Else Just Spray & Wipe Quickly Gives Interior A Brand New Look! Smells Great! 18 oz Spray Bottle Nothing takes a beating like your…
$12.99 ea
Paradise Road Car Wax
Model: 3000857
Condition: NEW
Easy On Easy Off Formula Long Lasting Protection Instant New Car Shine 16oz Bottle Let's face it, picking out a car wax is just about confusing as ordering a coffee drink these days. Some things just shouldn't have more than a couple of…
$21.99 ea
P21S 100% Carnauba Paste Wax
Model: 3000848
Condition: NEW
P21S breaks the 'carnauba barrier' with its 100% carnauba-based Paste Wax. While the conventional wisdom is that pure carnauba-based formulations are very hard to apply and remove, P21S has achieved a technical breakthrough so that this…
$109.99 ea
Zymol Titanium Wax
Model: 3000846
Condition: NEW
$159.99 ea
Zymol Carbon Wax
Model: 3000845
Condition: NEW
$103.99 ea
Paradise Road Spray Wax
Model: 3000842
Condition: NEW
Gives A Fast Easy Gloss Protects Clearcoat, Adding Years To The Life Of The Paint Just Spray & Wipe No Wax Build Up Smells Great! 18 oz Spray Bottle What's the very best thing you can do to make your paint look great and last longer?…
$14.99 ea
P21S Paintwork Cleanser 11.8oz
Model: 3000836
Condition: NEW
Proper surface preparation is absolutely essential to obtain the perfect wax job. What seperates P21S Cleanser from other pre-cleaners is an advanced polishing system that is more selective about which areas of a painted surface need and…
$30.99 ea
P21S Concours Paste Wax
Model: 3000833
Condition: NEW
Give your car the ultimate concours shine in minutes! A rich blend of pure Brazilian #1 yellow carnauba and beeswax delivers a dynamite shine that lasts and lasts. A paste wax that's virtually as easy to use as liquid, P21S wax goes on and…
$68.99 ea
Boyd Coddington High-Definition Glass Cleaner, 16 Ounces
Model: 3177781
Condition: NEW
16 Ounces Of Codding High-Definition Glass Cleaner High-Definition Clarity Non-Toxic And Ammonia Free Safe For All Tinted Windows Cleans Without Streaks Great On Windows, Mirrors, Computers, Cell Phones And Television…
$21.99 ea
Boyd Coddington Leather Conditioner 16 Ounces
Model: 3163414
Condition: NEW
Conditions and Restores Leather Surfaces Great for Seats, Door Panels, And Dashboards Preserves the Leathers Strength, Durability and Appearance Formulated With Vitamin E Leaves No Residue UV Protection Great Leather…
$29.99 ea
Boyd Coddington Show Prep Auto Shampoo, 16 Ounces
Model: 3157718
Condition: NEW
Superior Citrus-Based Wash Ultimate paint Wash Shampoo and Synthetic Gloss Enhancer Streak Free Shine Will Not Remove Protective Wax Or Polymer Surface Protectants Advanced Foaming Technology Unique Lustering Agents…
$23.99 ea
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